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Legal boutiques: how to start your own legal business in the midst of a crisis

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A legal boutique is a small, flexible law firm with narrow specialization. After the first wave of economic crisis hit foreign companies, partners left, and a lot founded their own boutiques. Now employees of Russian companies do the same. interviewed those who have left big legal consulting business to understand where they find themselves today, and what lawyers need to do to start out on their own.

In 2014, Anastasia Astashkevich was the Head of International Law Practice in "Chaadaev, Heifets and Partners" Attorneys at Law. Today she and Olga Suvorova have started their own Bureau of Attorneys. What is notable is not only the fact that "Astashkevich and Partners" is headed by two women, and this is unpeculiar for Russia, but the starting-up time as well.

2013 would have been more favorable for the initiatives of this kind", Anastasia Astashkevich admits, "but even now there is no shortage of interesting and complex cases". The lawyer has aimed to be indepent from scratch. "The work in a traditional attorneys at law has granted me a huge amount of experience indeed, but today lawyers should be more flexible and dynamic. Developing your own practive is difficult and interesting at the same time, it would be more difficult being a member of an attorneys at law.
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