Anastasia Astashkevich made a speech at "Startup in legal business: how to start out correctly" Conference held by

On March, 25, 2016, held a Conference called "Startup in legal business: how to start out correctly". The event was dedicated to the matters related to changes in competitive market environment and management of a new legal business.

The Managing Partner Anastasia Astashkevich acted as a speaker of a session called "The exodus. How to correctly build relationships on a path from working in a legal company to starting your own business" with a speech on: "Advantages of opening a legal firm in a period of crisis".

"These days the market sees more and more cases of lawyers leaving the in-house work in favour of private consulting business. However this is not a trend, but an individual decision usually deriving from the lawyer's willingness to enliven his practice and move away from the well-trodden roads. My motivation lied in the fact that my projects became humdrum, and my work turned to routine" - Anastasia Astashkevich.
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