Understanding the needs of a client is the key to a successful solution of the tasks at hand
Olga Surovova
PRACTICES / Family law
Settling complex family disputes related to inheritance with cross-border separation of property, legal support of divorce proceedings, rendering legal assistance in separation of property, executing child allowances and maintenance, determining physical custody of a child through court proceedings, etc.

Our services

  • legal representation and expert consulting of clients wishing to formalize a premarital agreement, custody, or divorce
  • representing interests in dissolution of marriage (divorce) and separation of property
  • settling disputes when one of the spouses is a foreign citizen, or when the disputed property is located abroad
  • deprivation of parental rights
  • acknowledgment (contesting) of paternity
  • other legal services associated with family law
  • settling disputes with foreign elements present
  • consulting on separation of property and assets abroad

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